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  Why a Purchasing Administration Company?

In every hospitality project, new construction, expansion or major renovation, it is necessary to purchase a number of different items such as:

  • case goods
  • furniture
  • upholstery fabrics
  • window & bed treatments
  • lighting fixtures
  • carpets
  • wall coverings
  • accessories
  • operational supplies
  • safety equipment
  • others

This type of investment needs to be carefully managed, scheduled and carried out professionally since any delay in the project implementation might be translated into enormous financial and operational losses.

The services of a Purchasing Administration company are a key factor in project implementation, and ensure the following benefits:

Proven Experience in the Worldwide Procurement for Hospitality Projects
Lower Prices due to purchase volume discounts
Fixed Costs
Accounting and Continuous budget monitoring in every stage of the process
Functional products and materials for the industry
Guaranteed Quality
Pre-established delivery terms and conditions
Expertise in consolidation, shipping, export and import processes and final installation

An experienced procurement team can guarantee that your project will be completed in a timely manner, in the best interest of the cost / benefit relation.



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